Sustainable Landscaping is more than just a new trend. It is a part of the vision of a lifestyle that doesn’t impose unfair costs on future generations. If you are planning to have a beautiful landscape on your property, following sustainable and eco-friendly practices is the right way to go ahead with your project.

This way, your garden or lawn will not only add to the beauty of your property and provide you with a relaxing outdoor living space but will also promote the well-being of your surroundings. Working closely with a reputable landscape construction company in Dubai will help you with following sustainable landscaping practices.

Here are a few tips that you can follow when starting with your landscape design and construction project.

  • Soil Testing to Better Understand Your Plants’ Requirements

Before beginning your landscaping journey, perform a soil test to know what precautions and nutrition your plants will need to grow and thrive better. You must know that each plant thrives at a different pH level. While some plants need lower pH levels, other plants need higher pH levels. With a soil test, you can make a better decision about which plants you should have. You can use fertilizer and compost to balance the pH level of the soil. When doing so, prefer using organic methods.

  • Use Mulch for Landscaping to Improve Soil and Regulate Temperature

Mulch acts as a great ground cover and helps improve the health and fertility of your soil. It keeps your soil moist, inhibit the growth of weed, and allow the soil to retain water by slowing down evaporation, which is crucial in the hot climate of Dubai. It helps reduce the water consumption of your landscape. Besides, the use of mulch completes the look of your garden. For mulch, you can use sustainable materials, such as shredded bark, dry leaves, grass, pine needles, lawn clippings, straw, etc.

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  • Employ Irrigation Methods That Conserve Water

Having a proper water conservation process will increase the sustainability and eco-friendliness of your landscape. One easy method is to use kitchen wastewater for gardening and collect run-off water from washing fruits, vegetables, rice, and other edibles for watering your plants. However, you should never use soap water draining from your kitchen sink as it can contaminate the soil.

To water your lawn and irrigate plantings, make sure you install an irrigation system that allows you to save water. For instance, instead of using overhead spray devices, you can install a drip irrigation system. In fact, drip irrigation is the most water-efficient method and an ideal way to water your lawn or garden.

  • Grow Climate-Appropriate Trees and Plants

Dubai has an arid climate, which means not every plant can be added to your list. You need to choose plants that require less water, less maintenance, and can tolerate the high temperatures of Dubai. Some of the plants that are best suited for the Dubai climate are the Flame tree (Delonix regia), Frangipani (Plumeria), Tropical Hibiscus, Date Palm, Yellow Trumpet Flower, Bougainvillea, Damas tree, etc.

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