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We Assist with Approvals for Swimming Pools, Pergolas, Glass Houses, & Other Outdoor Living Structures in Dubai.

When you plan to build a swimming pool on your Dubai property, whether residential or commercial, you first need to get swimming pool approval in Dubai from relevant authorities. You also need to comply with certain rules and regulations when building other outdoor living structures such as pergolas and glass houses.

Being a one-stop solution company for swimming pool and landscape design & construction in Dubai, we at Living Acre also handle the task of getting:

  • Swimming pool approval in Dubai
  • Pergola approval in Dubai
  • Glasshouse approval in Dubai
  • Approvals for other permanent structures in Dubai

    What Pool Approvals Do You Need in Dubai ?

    In the UAE, Trakhees, Dubai Municipality (DM), and Dubai Development Authority are the three main zoning authorities, and each of them has its own requirements regarding pool safety. So, whether you need Trakhees approval for swimming pool, DM approval for swimming pool, or DDA approval for swimming pool, we will get these approvals on your behalf so that you can sit back and relax.

    Whether you are looking forward to having a personal swimming pool or planning to build a public swimming pool and/or other permanent outdoor living structures, you are required to adhere to specific rules and regulations to avoid the cancellation of your application.

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    Guidelines for Pools in Dubai

    When applying for approvals for swimming pools and other structures in Dubai, you must have complete knowledge of all the guidelines associated with the specific structures. For instance:

    Swimming pool drawing guideline

    • Stairs and ladders must be provided if the depth exceeds (60) cm.
    • At least one ladder must be provided for every (30) m of pool circumference.
    • Swimming pool ladders must be corrosion resistant and equipped with anti-slip steps, and should have a clearance of (10) cm away from the wall.
    • If Recessed steps provided, they should have non-slippery treads and self-draining, with a minimum tread of (15) cm and a minimum riser of (35) cm.
    • Side handrails must be provided on each side of each ladder or Recessed steps and extend above the pool surface and return to the horizontal surface of the pool.
    • Steps (without handrail) can only be installed in swimming pools if the pool is shallow, and the depth does not exceed (1) m and it must be provided if the depth is more than (1) m and less than (1.4) m.
    • Stairs are not allowed if the pool depth is more than (1.4) m, it should be equipped with side ladders that extend over the surface of the pool and return to the horizontal surface of the pool.
    • Stairs/steps must be connected steps.
    • The dimensions of the steps inside the pool must be the minimum width for the tread is (280) mm and the maximum height for the riser is (250) mm.
    • Handrails must be at a height not less than (90) cm.
    • If the width of the stairs exceeds (2.1) m, an additional separator shall be placed in the middle (one or more as needed).


    Children’s Pool drawing guidelines

    • The depth of the children’s pool water must not exceed (50) cm.
    • In case of there is a children’s pool adjacent to the general pool used by adults, a barrier or a fence must be placed with height (1.2) m from the surface to prevent children moving from their pool to adult pool.
    • Children must not use the adult pools and children pool must be sited near to the shallow area of the adult pool.
    • In case of there is a children’s pool near the public pool, a barrier or a fence with height of (1.2) m must be provided, to prevent children moving from their pool to adult pool.
    • Install at least (2) drains at the base of the children’s pool to drain the accumulated dirt and to facilitate the complete discharge of the children’s pool for maintenance purposes.
    • Filters for the children’s pool must be installed according to the pool type.
    • If skimmers are used, two skimmers must be installed in the children’s pool.

    Jacuzzi drawing guideline

    • The depth of the Jacuzzi must not exceed 90 cm.
    • There must be emergency stop button on the Jacuzzi pool for emergency use and it must be clarified in the drawing.
    • Install at least (2) drains at the base of the Jacuzzi to drain the accumulated dirt and to facilitate the full discharge of the Jacuzzi for maintenance purposes.
    • Filters for the Jacuzzi must be installed according to the pool.
    • If skimmers are used, two skimmers must be installed in the Jacuzzi.

    Pergola drawing guideline

    • Maximum allowed height is 3m from the zero level or the ground level.
    • Pergolas or gazebos must be place 1.2m away from the boundary wall and 1.5m away from the villa.
    • Wooden pergola is considered as a temporary structure as it doesn’t need an inspection.
    • Closed roof pergola and semi opened/ slated pergolas must comply with the community design regulations.
    • Pergola footing must be provided with a ground beam with 10mm diameter steel work.
    • In some communities, there is a restriction of pergola height which should not exceed 2.4 m or the compound wall height.

    Documents Required for Swimming Pool Approvals

    You will need various documents when getting swimming pool approval in Dubai.

    The documents for pool approvals in Dubai are :

    • Approved setting out plan (DM stamped drawings)
    • DM affection plan or DDA site plan
    • AutoCAD drawing package from the community
    • Contractor appointment letter from the owner
    • Owner emirates ID, Passport copy and visa page
    • Title deed
    • If the applicant is a tenant, then tenancy contract.

    The drawings for pool approvals in Dubai are:

    • Swimming pool safety drawings

      • Setting out plan
      • Swimming pool detailed plan
      • Section reference plan and cross sections
      • Plumbing and electrical layouts
      • Schematic drawings for electrical and plumbing
      • Drainage drawing with backwash
      • Pump room layout
      • Equipment drawings
    • Architecture, Structure and MEP drawings

    Missing details or making mistakes in the application process can lead to unnecessary delays, wasting your valuable time.

    So, when it comes to getting swimming pool approvals in Dubai, pergola approval, glass house approval, or approvals for other structures, please feel free to connect with Living Acre Pool and Landscape.