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Barbecue & Bar Counters Company in Dubai

When it comes to the world of landscaping, there are several kinds of barbecue and cooking counters to choose from. Ranging from the material of your counter to the style of the tabletops, every aspect has been created, just for you.

Transform the backyard into a space that complements your lifestyle. From hosting soirees for friends to spending quality time with family, each facet can be customized for your ultimate comfort. And let’s face it, selecting the perfect barbecue pit and serving counter might be one of the toughest choices you have to make.

Barbecue and Bar Counters Construction Company

Livingacre helps people to find the perfect barbeque solution for their gardens in Dubai. As gardens come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, ranging from small plots in areas like The Springs to huge outdoor areas in communities like Emirates Hills, we design and implement a barbecue area according to your specific requirements. By using our construction expertise, we can build you a barbecue station with a variety of materials including brick, tiles, marble and granite. Some people prefer to have their barbecue powered by gas or electricity, which we can implement through various techniques. A simple gas connection can be made with a separate gas bottle or the barbecue can be linked to the main gas supply.

Electric barbecues require a connection to an electric socket, which our skilled electricians can install in your garden and link to the main power supply. We design barbecue areas from single brick BBQ stations to full service outdoor barbeque areas with adjoin tables, seats and wash basins. Overhead roof coverings can also be developed for your barbecue area to create shade from the weather and allow you to cook outside all year round.

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