Before you can have a beautiful new landscape designed and constructed, your yard needs to be prepared. If this one aspect is ignored, the landscaping project won’t have a solid foundation, and your beautiful new plants and green grass may not thrive properly.

To prevent this from happening, a professional landscape construction company in Dubai takes the following steps to prepare your yard for new landscape design and construction. Preparing your yard helps professional landscapers make sure that your landscaping project has the best chance of success possible!

1) Decide on a design

The first step in preparing your yard for new landscaping is to determine the design you envision in your mind. Keep in mind that not every design is suited for every yard. You’ll want to think about whether you want a formal or informal look, how much maintenance you want, and the size of your yard before deciding on a design. As a reputable landscape construction company in Dubai, we help you decide the best design for your landscape.

2) Consider what to plant

When preparing your yard for new landscaping, it’s important to consider what type of plants you want in your garden or lawn. For example, if you’re using natural and wild grasses, our professionals will prepare the soil so that the roots can grow deep and strong. We also make sure that the soil is loose enough so that the root systems will not be compacted. Besides, we also consider how much water your plants need as some plants require more than others.

3) Prepare the ground

Since your new landscape is going to be the focal point of your outdoor area, we make it look great right off the bat. We remove any weeds in the area, as well as add a layer of topsoil or organic compost if necessary. We also take care of the removal of any dead leaves and branches in the area.

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4) Ensure a high success rate by avoiding mistakes

As an experienced landscape construction company in Dubai, our professionals have the know-how and expertise to get the job done right, so you don’t have to worry about making costly mistakes or shoddy workmanship. With us, your ground will be prepared the best way as our professionals make sure to fertilize your ground properly, use the right-size pots, plant trees and shrubs at the right depth, and adorn your landscape with the right amount of ornamentation.

5) Plan your irrigation

Watering is one of the most important things to consider when preparing your yard for the new landscape. Our landscaping professionals also determine what kind of irrigation systems will be best for your yard and which irrigation system fits best in your budget and offers the desired convenience.

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