If you live in an apartment or other smaller living space, adding outdoor space to your home can be exciting and inviting, but the prospect of doing so can also seem daunting.

But no matter the size of your outdoor space, the best landscape design company can guide you in the right direction. You can also use some simple landscaping design tips to avoid overwhelming your outdoor area with too much foliage or making it look cluttered.

Here are a few tips for landscape design in a small space that can make all the difference in the appearance and functionality of your home’s exterior environment.

Create a focal point

One way to make your space look bigger is to create a focal point. A focal point can be anything, but it’s important that it’s big and bold.

You can have beautiful floral trees, or you could use colors and textures like succulents and brightly colored stones.

Whatever you choose, your focal point should be the thing that pulls your eyes into space. It is possible to create a stunning focal point with a pergola or fire feature. They help create an inviting outdoor entertaining area as they also provide warmth and coziness.

Choose plants wisely

Create an ornamental garden using low-growing perennials and small shrubs to fill out open spaces without taking up too much ground area.

Fill in any remaining space with small plants that grow tall as opposed to wide. These are great plants to grow along fences or walls, as they will stretch vertically without taking up too much space horizontally.

Make sure you don’t crowd all your plants into one area; instead, put some on one side and some on the other. Consider using rocks or gravel instead of grass.

Balance hardscaping with softscaping

When designing the landscape of your small space, it is important to balance hardscaping with softscaping.

For example, you might have a patio in the backyard that can be used as an outdoor living space, and then incorporate plants such as ground cover or low-growing shrubs.

An experienced landscape design company will be able to give you better advice on different hardscaping & landscaping ideas.

Incorporate color

Keep the color scheme fresh and vibrant. In small spaces, color has the power to transform spaces and make them feel larger.

Bright colors like yellow and blue are great choices, but remember that darker colors may not have the same effect.

Try to stay away from black or dark colors as they tend to make any space feel smaller. Add colorful benches, pots, artificial flowers, and art pieces.


Smaller spaces are often overlooked when it comes to landscape design. Given their size, it can seem daunting to think of how to make the most out of the space. However, with some forethought, proper preparation, and by choosing the best landscape design company, it is possible to create an attractive outdoor space.