A garden with a stunning landscape will be one of the best parts of a home where you can relax and enjoy your family time together. To enhance the beauty of your garden area styling is needed. So styling of your landscape not only upgrades the look and feel of your home but also increases the resale value of the house. While selecting the landscape style type, we should consider various factors such as weather, soil type, and mainly the purpose of the landscape, like creating a play area for kids or entertainment space, etc. All landscapes won’t survive in all weathers and soil types. So If you are thinking to remodel or style your landscape then you are at the right place. Here we have mentioned some of the best styles which you can choose for your yard.

1. English Garden Style

This style mainly focuses on adding different types of plants to the design such as floral plants, shrubs, and other long-lasting plants, which enhance the style of your home. These gardens are also known as English cottages or English countryside. This garden helps people to learn how to admire and cherish nature. Other than plants we can also add other accessories or water features such as a pergola or fish ponds.

2. Tropical Garden Style

A tropical garden is also known as an oriental-style garden. Its main highlight is water features, rocks, and a variety of plants with lush greenery and bold color. Tropical plants and trees such as hibiscus, orchids, palm trees, bougainvillea, etc can be used if the climate supports it. We can make it more tropical by using water features such as a swimming pool or waterfall and also level it up we can add bright colored furniture, statues or different art materials made of bamboo. 
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3. Woodland Landscaping Style

These types of landscaping styles are the best example of low maintenance landscape. It mainly consists of floral plants, trees, and shrubs from the forest which only requires less maintenance by humans and they can be left to bloom and grow by themselves. Here we can use forest woods such as maple, oak, cherry, etc, which not only look amazing in winters but they are suitable for all seasons. Also, we can use other softwoods which will grow faster and cover the area to provide a forest feel. In addition to this, we can add benches and stone pathways to improve the look of the landscape.

4. Japanese Garden Style

The main purpose of Japanese gardening is to create a peaceful atmosphere. This style mainly has four important elements, they are water, plants, rocks, and decorative ornaments. In addition to this, they also consist of Buddhist drawings and traditional spiritual concepts to create a spiritual ambiance. The water features it mainly focuses on are waterfalls and ponds made up of stones along with a wooden bridge. Adding bamboo and decorative ornaments will add life to it.

5. Spanish Landscaping Styles

Spanish style gardening is mainly focused on hot and dry climate areas. These gardens are inspired by Persian and Islamic garden styles along with some Spanish touch. The plants and trees used here are drought-tolerant and can survive in the hot and dry climate. The structural features of Spanish gardens are mostly made of ceramics such as benches, walls, pathways, fountains, and pools are created with ceramics of decorative design. Also, the fountains of Spanish styles mainly focus on small fountains instead of large centerpiece fountains.

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