You must have heard about landscape construction and landscape design companies in Dubai. Although these are very common words, many times their meaning and uses might not be clear. Let’s get to know the answers to what landscape construction is and what it includes.

What Is Landscape Construction?

Landscape construction is an incredible process for turning your outdoor spaces into beautiful landscapes. It uses a mixture of science and art to create an outdoor space that you will love to flaunt.

It includes the design, planning, and execution of different components to get the right balance between the natural environment and human-made structures. From small gardens to huge parks, landscape construction brings life to areas, expressing the unique vision of designers and meeting the needs of customers.

What Landscape Construction Includes:

1.     Analyzing and Planning the Site

The starting point for landscaping construction is site evaluation and planning. The current environmental features of the place are very important to know. So, knowing things such as topography, vegetation, soil composition, and climate, is the first step. This data helps designers choose the right plants, irrigation systems, and other construction elements.

A deep understanding of the site guarantees that the landscape will be both sustainable and able to withstand natural forces.

2.    Hardscaping

In hardscaping, non-living parts are added to the landscape.  These non-living things are materials like wood, metal, brick, and concrete.

Hardscaping elements include things like walkways, patios, retaining walls, fences, pergolas, and water features. These features give the landscape structure and personality and also offer functionality.

3.     Softscaping

The word “softscaping” refers to living elements like plants, trees, and turf. To create an area that is both visually appealing and productive, it’s essential to select the correct plant.

When selecting the right plant, landscape construction companies pay attention to the local temperature, soil quality, sun exposure, and water availability. Plants are carefully placed and grouped to create texture, color, and seasonal interest, leading to a vibrant and delightful environment all year.

4.     Grading and Drainage

To prevent water buildup, erosion, and potential harm to the landscape, proper grading and drainage are needed. For efficient water flow and drainage, landscape construction requires carefully changing the contours of the land. French drains and swales are common drainage systems built to manage excess water and direct it away from buildings.

5.     Lighting

The setting up of outdoor lighting is an important aspect of landscape design. Thoughtful lighting improves the mood and functionality of the space and lets people enjoy the place at night. To draw attention to key details and create a sense of security, lighting techniques like path lighting, uplighting, and accent lighting can be used.

6.     Ecological Sustainability

Ecological sustainability is currently the highest priority in landscape construction, as concern for the environment is growing.

Designers are trying to decrease the damaging effect on the environment as much as they can. They are using native plants, efficient irrigation systems, recycled materials, and energy-efficient lighting. Also, eco-friendly techniques like composting and rainwater collection are included to maintain the ecosystem’s general health.

Landscape design companies in Dubai provide you with a lot of incredible options so that you can create a dreamy landscape for you and your family. So if you want to construct a landscape for your house, do not wait. Get your own safe haven and live a brilliant life.

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