Swimming pools are one of the most popular and favorite things in the UAE, and if done properly, they can add value to your property while also providing endless hours of entertainment for the entire family.

If you’re thinking about having one, there are a lot of options and things to think about before you invest. The first thing you should know about before beginning construction is that Dubai Municipality (DM) has established specific laws and regulations that you must follow to obtain a construction permit for a swimming pool. Whether you want a personal swimming pool on your property or are building a public swimming pool, you must get swimming pool approval in Dubai

A Guide to Make The Best Swimming Pool!

  • Design

There are several design alternatives, including above-ground or in-ground, infinity or overflow or skimmer, rectangular or an alternate shape (there are many), fiberglass or concrete. Then, there are the embellishments and materials to consider, which will go a long way toward giving your pool flair and assisting you on your path to having your resort at home.

  • Maintenance

It’s crucial to realize that while owning a pool can be rather wonderful, maintenance is just as important as the look. Aside from the aesthetics of what is likely to become your landscape centerpiece, one that will be loved for years to come, it’s also important to know about its maintenance requirements.

Regular cleaning is essential, and it’s important to regulate the pH balance, temperature, and climate conditions. Pools are prone to evaporation in the UAE’s hot, desert climate, which means that your pool will need to be refilled more frequently.

Another important factor to take into account is water balance. When the weather starts to warm up, you’ll be glad you covered your pool during the winter to maintain the water’s clarity.

  • Keep the Guidelines in Mind

Before building a pool you should also be familiar with all of the rules governing the equipment required for use and maintenance. The following are the guidelines:

  1. The use of steps and ladders is required for pools deeper than 0.6 meters. The steps should be slip-free, and the ladders should be corrosion-resistant.
  2. Steps should be given at every 30 m intervals for large pools.
  3. If the pool will be utilized at night, adequate underwater, above, or both lighting systems should be provided to illuminate the entire pool area.
  4. The walls and deck of the pool should be marked with depth markers.
  5. The pool deck should be on par with or larger than the pool area. It must have a non-slip surface and slope away from the pool of at least 1 in 40. To prevent waterlogging and contamination, the deck should also have enough drainage.
  6. A suitable outlet drainage system, lint and hair strainers, and cleaning supplies must be in place.
  • Safety

The requirements for safety differ from emirate to emirate; in Dubai, for instance, the legislation mandates that the public health and safety department receives all applications for the construction of swimming pools. Additionally, the emirate requires a protective barrier with a lockable device or door and a minimum height of 120 centimeters around swimming pools. The placement of the fence should prevent children from climbing or sliding over it. A warning system can be installed as additional protection.

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