Summer days are here, and the perfect summer staycation is to spend hot days at the pool. In this blog, we will discuss tips and ways to make a perfect backyard oasis with a swimming pool designed by an innovative swimming pool construction company.

The Purpose of the Pool

The most important thing to think of is the purpose of the swimming pool. Swimming for laps and a summer retreat for your staycation and a pool can serve many purposes and will also decide the landscaping.

Dubai residents who wish to create a backyard oasis with a swimming pool can opt for Living Acre. We are the leading landscape and Swimming Pool Construction Company in Dubai, providing both soft and hard landscaping services.

The swimming pool of the private villa will be constructed well; plus, plants and vegetation give the pool a great look.  The pool will blend easily with the natural landscape.

The Location of the Pool

Living Acre will see to it that the location of the pool suits the exterior and the backyard. The pool would be constructed in a way to give the feeling of an oasis in the backyard. In many homes, the infinity edge pool will give a picturesque view.

Poolside Accessories

The accessories and amenities of the pool should make it a hit for party guests or for a staycation.  Modern poolside furniture will make your pool space look posh and swanky. Lounge chairs will complete the vibrant look of a backyard oasis with a swimming pool.

A water slide would be a great addition as well.  It would mean more fun for a staycation in summer.  A pool should be well-lit to provide safe conditions for night swimming.

Pool Fencing

A pool fence is really important. It increases the aesthetic value of the pool, and it is safer that way. Fencing along your pool will keep kids out of danger. A beautiful fence adds to the aesthetic of the pool as well. Apart from being a critical component of your pool, it will also make your backyard oasis interesting.


Building a perfect backyard oasis with a swimming pool involves several factors, such as the pool’s size, shape, and location, along with the level of privacy, views, and sunlight exposure. Make sure you choose a pool design that complements your home’s architecture and landscape design. The pool’s finish, decking, and landscaping should blend with your property. Consider lighting, water features, and pool accessories like sunshades, lounge chairs, and umbrellas.

Though it is not mentioned above, filtration and heating system are equally important to keep your pool clean and warm throughout the year. Make it a point to work with an experienced pool construction company in Dubai that understands your needs and can design and construct pools that meet your preferences and budget.

At Living Acre, we have a team of skilled, creative, and experienced professionals to provide you with a swimming pool that is vibrant and interesting. We specialize in creating the perfect landscape for your backyard pool and oasis. If you also wish to build the perfect backyard oasis with a stunning swimming pool and beautiful landscape, contact us today.