A tanning ledge in a swimming pool is a shallow area with a raised platform. The main purpose of this area is to tan in the sun by sitting in the water without needing to swim. These features are also known as sun shelves, Baja benches, wet decks, etc. It looks very much similar to the top main entry step of the pool and in some pools, the first entry steps width is expanded so that it can be used as a tanning ledge. In the last few years, it has gained wide popularity in the swimming pool designing field. It not only improves the beauty of the pool but the convenience and comfort it provides make it an amazing social hub in the backyard.

Mostly the size of the ledge will be 5 to 8 inches wider and 4 to 18 inches deeper so that it can fit two to three chairs but it can be expanded and can be made larger based on the requirements. Also, it can be of any shape-round, curved, square, or rectangular based on the pool structure and interiors. It will be perfect for children and pets and for shade we can use a parasol or garden umbrella.

There are many methods for constructing tanning ledges in a pool by keeping in mind the structure of the pool. Also can be categorized these methods based on the structures and the materials used.

Types of Tanning Ledges Based on Structures

  • Open Shelf

These types of ledges are integrated into the pool, they are very much similar to the first entry step of the pool. It is a great idea for people to tan in the pool by sitting in the water at the same time. And they can easily get into the pool in between if they want to go to the deeper side of the pool and swim. These types of ledges are generally constructed large enough to board many peoples and can have few sun loungers.

  • Enclosed Shelf

These types of tanning ledges have a structure similar to a small and shallow pool and are isolated from the main pool with a small wall. It shares water with the pool using spillways. These shelves are a great setup for families’ having small kids and pets, as the small separation between the pool and tanning ledge will prevent the kids and the pets from going to the restricted area of the swimming pool. It can be made more elegant and luxurious by adding a fountain and other water features.

Types of Tanning Ledges Based on Materials

  • Vinyl Liner 

Tanning ledges built using a vinyl liner are more expensive than any other material but they need very small construction time and can be easily customized compared to fiberglass. Like concrete vinyl liner can’t get cracks but can get ruptured by pets or furniture, etc. And the repair cost will be high. So if you are constructing it for relaxing and tanning then it is the best option, go for it but if you have a pet or are planning to set up furniture then concrete or fiberglass will be the best options.

  • Concrete 

Concrete is also a good choice for tanning ledge because it is strong and also highly customizable. Its process of construction takes more time than other materials but its time-consuming process makes it more strong and more durable. It requires frequent maintenance as it is more prone to algae. So if you are going with concrete for your tanning ledge make sure to brush it more often to make it smooth and algae free

  • Fiberglass 

Fiberglass tanning ledges are preferred because of their aesthetic gel coat and durability. Unlike concrete, it is non-porous so there is less chance of stains. Because of its gel coating, it’s not only easy to clean but it gives a lavish look to the ledges. The main advantage of fiberglass is that it can last up to thirty years without re-coating it and its looks can be enhanced by adding some lighting or water features to it. But it can’t be easily shaped or customized like concrete or vinyl liner.

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