When winter comes, the swimming season gets over but it doesn’t mean that the process of cleaning and maintenance of the pool is also over. In winter, the maintenance of the pool seems to be less but we can’t ignore it. So to maintain the pool in winter and to reduce your pool cleaning work for summer, follow the steps we mentioned below.

Avert System from freezing

In the winter seasons when temperatures go down, it will first affect the systems and pipes. Swimming pool parts such as pipes, filters, and heaters are the most important and usually ignored areas of the pool. It doesn’t matter where do you live or in which part of the world the regular maintenance will make it work properly. There are a few steps to follow during the winter season for the maintenance of pool systems. The first step is to remove all excess water from pumps, heaters, and filters and dry it out because if there is water in the system, it will get freeze and water will expand which can damage pipes. So it is the most important step in the winter season for swimming pool maintenance.

Dry your pool cover

The next crucial step is to use pool covers, so that pool stays clean and free from waste materials. If we don’t cover our pool then waste materials may fall into it or some animals can creep into it. And also make sure to dry your pool cover otherwise water left on the top of the pool will freeze. When the summer will come to the same sluggish water will run down to your pool. So have regular maintenance of your pool otherwise your efforts will go in vain.

While fixing the cover in the pool ensure that it is properly attached and all cables and clips are securely tucked. Then also make sure to use the hose for cleaning the pool cover and use a vacuum to remove excess water and if it is an area with heavy snowing use a roof rake to clean snow otherwise heavyweight can cause damage to the cover

Pool cover with perfect fitting

The process of cleaning and maintaining the pool will be effective and easier if we use a pool cover with good fittings. It will help you to prevent unwanted elements from getting into your pool. Otherwise, after the winter season when you open the pool in summer you have to start from scratch to make it clean.  Also, make sure to use a cover made up of good and thick material so that you don’t have to replace it again and again. And it should also be easy to handle while opening and closing.

The perfect fit cover of the pool not only helps to prevent waste materials and water from entering into the pool but also maintains the chemical balance of pool water.

Using algaecide

As the winter starts your pool will be closed for a few months so there is a chance of growth of algae. It is said the growth of algae is slow during winter, but when the temperature starts to rise in spring the growth of algae starts in full swing. So it is essential to add algaecide and check the chlorine level.  After adding algaecide let the pump circulate water for 24 hours so that it gets mixed well and stops the growth of algae in your pool.

Reducing water level

Reducing the water level of the pool is the important thing to do during winters because if water gets freeze it will lead to the cracking of tiles. So the main thing of cleaning the pool during colder season is to remove water and it should be almost 4 to 6 inches below the skimmer, It should be also kept in mind that water shouldn’t be drained fully it can also damage the tiles. Also make sure the water in the heater, filter, and pump is also drained to avoid damage due to freezing in them also.

Maintain a chemical balance of water

If you are going to close the pool for winter then you should do the following steps. As water is not fully drained from the pool, so the chemical balance of water should be maintained. This will not only keep the water clean but also prevent the growth of algae and bacteria. After the cleaning process of the pool is finished, the next step is to add enzymes.  Adding enzymes will help in the breakdown of non-living contamination and also prevent the formation of waterline rings, which will save your time for doing extra work for cleaning the pool. Adding chlorine will help the water remain clean until summer, just add liquid chlorine by removing the pool cover from the corner only during the arrival of spring. Check the chemical balance of water every two months when the pool is closed and not in use.

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