Residential Landscaping

Best Residential Landscaping Designers in Dubai

Livingacre is a leading residential landscaping company in Dubai. We offer high-quality residential landscaping services in Dubai and nearby areas. Whether you are constructing a private villa, or a larger residential development, we are here to work with you to fulfil all your soft and hard landscaping requirements. Every residential build benefits from well-planned, attractive external surroundings. Creative outside spaces add value to properties and enhance well-being, in addition to benefiting our precious ecosystem.

Professional Residential Landscaping Services in Dubai & Near By Areas


Our comprehensive landscape design service breathes life into any outdoor space. Our professional team can install unique water features, lighting and outdoor structures including BBQ and Bar counters, Pergola and Gazebo. We will ensure that every single aspect of our residential landscaping design will complement the property’s style and theme. 

We combine our experience in property maintenance with a passion for creating exceptional exterior spaces. You can rely on our landscape specialists to help make thoughtful decisions about your outdoor space. 

Residential Landscaping Company in Dubai

If you are thinking about  the best landscape design to your Villa in Dubai, Contact us at [email protected] or call us at +971-56-8305088 to get a quote now!

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