Pool Shutters

Swimming pool covers in Dubai

Livingacre pool company is specialized in automatic swimming pool covers to suit any size or shape swimming pools new or old. This can be installed below or above ground. Pool Covers provide safety and protection for your family, friends and pets and help prevent pool related accidents. They provide the ultimate pool safety giving you option to choose either the most comfortable and luxurious automatic type or manual version of the mechanism. The mechanism itself can be hidden below the ground. There are many available options of tracks, which is where the pool cover operates from. Simply turning a key activates the automatic hydraulic mechanism. 

With such a long heritage in designing bespoke swimming pools, we have developed a unique and versatile range of construction methods that allows us to build in almost any style and in any location.

Pool Covers company in Dubai 

At livingacre, we are keen to discuss your requirements and advise you of the best solution for your swimming pool covers. Whether your top priority be safety or the most aesthetically pleasing automatic swimming pool cover we are expert in providing the right solution for you. A pool cover is of course a personal decision, with many choices available for the finishes that float on top of the pool. However, if you decide that you don’t want to hide your pool with a cover, one thing to bear in mind is that a residential pool is typically used 20% of the time which means the pool could be covered for 80% of the time, thereby saving on the associated cost of having your own pool.

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