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Best Pergola Designs in Dubai

Livingacre is one of the leading pergola design companies and leading pergola installation company in Dubai. A pergola is an outdoor structure consisting of columns that support a roofing grid of beams and rafters. Pergolas give homeowners more opportunities to enjoy their outdoor living area. Pergolas may come in a variety of styles and sizes but the purpose of all pergolas is to protect homeowners from the harsh elements.

Pergola Design & Pergola Suppliers in Dubai

You can trust Livingacre with your villa’s pergola design and construction because of our experience as a great pergola design company in Dubai. Even though pergolas are typically open structures without walls, they can still create a sense of seclusion. Like many other landscape investments, pergolas come with a substantial return. Pergolas are becoming a popular garden feature as they help you to enjoy your garden in any weather. A pergola offers a wide range of options for your outdoor spaces, capable of being used as a workspace, a leisure space or simply as a relaxation space. As a leading pergola construction company in Dubai, Livingacre has been doing the best pergola designs for villas in Dubai for more than a decade.


Types of Pergola We Provide

  • Wooden Pergola
  • Aluminium Pergola

Wooden Pergola

Wooden pergolas provide a stylish, permanent alternative to collapsible gazebos and parasols in the summer. They are perfect at creating an area that lets in a refreshing summer breeze while also providing protection from the harsh direct sunlight. There’s something about natural Wood’s look, from the subtle grain designs to the rich stain colours. Your wooden Pergola will offer charm and character, proof to tradition.

If you need to turn your Pergola into an open-air living space where you can relax or entertain your guests, then have some comfy sofas or chairs. The type of furniture you choose can make or break your Pergola, so make sure that you pick top-quality modern Wood for your outdoor space.

Wooden Pergola Installation in Dubai

Are you looking out to build a custom pergola? Please speak to us at +971-56-8305088 for a free consultation or visit We are known for the best wooden pergola construction in Dubai.

Aluminium Pergola

The aluminium pergola is an original and exclusive concept that provides you with an entirely new living space. To be able to quickly shape your environment to enhance your outdoor experience with stylish weather protection, is truly a leap forward and a perfect garden room. We have two options for you to choose from, The Essential and Elegance Range.

  • The Essential – Suitable for garden, dining areas and commercial gardens and is the most cost-effective aluminium pergola that we offer.
  • The Elegance – Enjoy your stylish terrace in all weathers with The Elegance, with its clean lines and unique design. It will create a genuine outdoor living space in any weather.

There are also 3 lighting options for both pergolas consisting of Spots, RGB and spots, RGB strip lighting, so you enjoy your space well into the evening.

Aluminium Pergola Installation in Dubai

Want to set up your aluminium Pergola? Please talk to us at +971-56-8305088 for a free consultation or visit We are distinguished Pergola developers in Dubai.