Pergola Construction

Pergola Contractors in Dubai

Livingacre is a leading pergola contractors in Dubai and across the UAE. We are the leading Pergola Construction company in Dubai that offers Pergola construction in Dubai that manufactures and install luxury and high-quality pergola elements to your outdoor space.

Our company has the expertise in Pergola construction, with a team of Professionals who are well versed in creating different Pergola designs and artworks that would perfectly blend with your landscape’s design, as well as a team that provide the best Pergola construction service in Dubai and that’s why we are one of the best pergola construction company in Dubai.

Pergola Construction in Dubai 

Pergolas are a beautiful addition to any back garden, offering shelter and shade in the summer months as well as an attractive frame for vines and climbing plants. Hiring a professional is the simplest way to make this addition to your home but building your own can save you a lot. Ideally, you should have at least one other person to work with when building and installing your pergola so that you can complete the project safely. We are the most trusted pergola companies in Dubai and near by areas. Livingacre ranks top in aluminium and wooden pergola suppliers in Dubai.

Key Factors to decide Pergola Shape and Size

Plan the Space

The first step is deciding where you want the pergola to go – if the area isn’t already paved or decked it’s best to do that part before you start the pergola project so that you have a sound foundation. Your space will define the size, shape, and the style of your pergola so it’s important that you get this part right before you start measuring up. Moving one is harder than it seems!

Your pergola should be built away from major tree roots and buried underground utilities.


Best Pergola Company in Dubai 

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