Now a day’s people, who are planning a landscape at their home, mostly prefer tropical landscapes. A tropical garden or landscape is an area where plants are planted densely to give it a prolific look.  When someone tells you about the tropical garden, you can automatically feel the ambiance of such gardens where you can relax and have a good time. But when you look at a tropical garden it may feel like it requires high maintenance, which is wrong. If we do this with proper planning and grow plants that need less surveillance & which at the same time embellish the beauty of our gardens, then the maintenance required is low. The tips described below will surely take you close to your dream garden.

Study the Weather & Land Type of the Area

It is the first preference before further planning about tropical landscaping or gardening because all tropical plants are not wintered tolerant. There are certain plants that bloom in hot areas and some others that can manage in slightly cold weather. Inspecting the availability of lights is necessary as each plant’s needs will vary, some plants thrive in shadow. Also, examine the type of soil in your area because not all plants will flourish in certain soil types.

Stuff the Garden with Large Lush Plants

As here we are talking about filling the area with plants, so don’t go just with small plants and shrubs but also add plants with big size and large leaves. Plants that have large leaves and different shapes and colors will give a tropical feel and a more stylish look to your landscape. As the method of creating a tropical garden is imitating the look of natural forest, so the plants should not be assembled based on their species, instead, they should be planted in a mixed arrangement and allow them to climb and creep over each other, so they can boom together and live.

Plants like palm trees, elephant ears, etc are the best choice as it gives the natural tropical look to the garden but unlike bamboos, they are not cold tolerant. Bamboos are grown easily and gets tall quickly so it can be used to create a wall for privacy. Bamboos are mostly grown in tropical areas and it also thrives in cold areas, so it can be added to any type of area to get a tropical look to the garden.

Add Plants with Vibrant Color Flowers

Bright colors such as yellow, orange, blue, etc are the main colors in the tropical list. Flowering plants or shrubs with vibrant flowers can be added to your backyard to give it a spring season look. There are many tropical flowering plants such as hibiscus, orchids, etc which can be planted in flower pots so that they can be moved inside during winter seasons and vice versa. If you are not okay with these types of plants then you can add furniture with bright-colored cushions and pillows or bright parasols. The more bright plants or colors will be there in your garden the more tropical feel you will get. So don’t plant the most common flowers that are available in your surroundings, use some exotic flowers with unique shapes and colors which will improve the looks of the garden.

Water Features

Most of the tropical gardens have water features in them. Encompassing any type of water feature will give it a natural oasis feel. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a large area or small, it is easy to include a water feature in it. It can be in any form, if large waterfalls are not practically possible then you can opt for small water fountains. A tropical landscape or garden will be incomplete without water, it could be a small pond, swimming pool construction or a small vertical fountain that will be enough. The trickling of water will dull the external noise and enhance the calmness of the backyard garden, making it a great relaxing area for you.

Set-up Shade

Shade is the main thing in the garden, especially in hot areas. The best solution is the shade of trees. Big trees not only provide shades and a tropical feel but also supports other small plants under these trees in their growth. Other than the shade of trees we can also opt for a pergola, gazebo, garden umbrella or parasol, canopy, or permanent roofs. All these are just alternative options, the best choice for shade in a tropical landscape or garden are trees.

Nurture Your Garden Regularly

Regular maintenance of the landscape or garden will keep it clean and beautiful. As mentioned at the beginning, the tropical landscape needs low maintenance but it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be maintained at all, we should take care of it more often. We should check whether all plants are growing healthy or not. If there is any insect problem then we should find the solution as soon as possible otherwise it can affect other plants also. You should also take care of pools and other water features in your garden. Maintenance of the pool is an equally important factor.

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