As the name suggests the pool that saves energy is an energy-efficient pool. The process of heating and filtering water in the pool consumes lots of energy. So by using some modern technologies and tricks we can save energy. This will not only reduce energy consumption but also help to prolong the life of the equipment used in the pools. If Your interested in constructing swimming pool along with the idea of energy saving, you can make use of some techniques mentioned below. 

1. Usage of solar technology

The solar heaters and solar covers, also known as solar blankets use the power from the sun for energy consumption’s. The heaters use thermal power to make the water warm in the pool. For this purpose, the heater consists of energy collecting panels. The solar covers make the water warm at night by collecting solar rays in its air pockets. So in this way these devices reduce the heating cost by 50 t0 70 percentage. It’s an efficient energy-saving technique with no negative effects on the environment, the only disadvantage of solar technology is the availability of solar energy in the winter and rainy seasons.

2. Regular cleaning of filtration system

Regular cleaning of the filtration system saves more energy. The more scrap and wreckage you have in your pool the more hard work the filters and pumps of your pool have to do. This will lead to large energy consumption’s. So regular maintenance of your pool will help to save more energy. Also using large filters with a larger surface area which can allow a large volume of water to flow through it will help in energy savings, as it will help the pump to work less and consume less power. It will also increase the life span of the pump.

3. Use LED’s for pools lighting

For the last few years, the most common lights used by people have LED lights it not only saves 80% more energy than the normally used bulbs and lamps but also their life span is three times longer. It means that the LED’s used will last almost 30000 hours extra as compared to other lights, which will reduce the cost of replacement and installation.

4. Opt for variable-speed pool pump

Instead of using single-speed pool pumps, you should use energy star-certified pumps which will have more savings. The variable-speed pump is Eco-friendly as it not only runs quieter but it helps cut greenhouse gas emissions. So upgrading to a variable-speed pool increase the energy efficiency of the pool and also prolongs the life of filters and motors in a pool by reducing the workload.

5. Automatic pool cover

The Automatic pool cover not only makes the pool safer but also helps to prevent heat loss and evaporation of the pool water. By the reduction of pool water evaporation, it will reduce heat loss. It will automatically reduce the need of using a heating system and save energy. It works even better than a windbreaker.

6. Darker color finished pool

The finish of pools also helps in power saving. As the darker color finished pools absorb the heat from sun rays and in this way it keeps the water heated in the pool. It reduces the usage of a heater in the pool. Not everyone likes the dark finish of the pool but people who are more concerned about environments and energy savings can give it a try.

7. Modern heating technology

As we have already discussed solar energy technology and LED’s save power. But there are more modern technologies that can be used for efficient savings of power. One of the methods is deep heating where the water is heated from the bottom up. This will help to remain water warmer for longer.