The swimming pool plays an important role in today’s lifestyle both physically and mentally. Mainly for the people with work stress, at the end of the busy day, they can relax and relieve their stress. Swimming not only helps mentally but physically also, as swimming is a very good exercise too.

So if you are planning a swimming pool in your backyard or other parts of your residential properties or if you want to add additional features for your existing pool to make it look more elegant and luxurious then here are certain suggestions that can help you make your swimming pool most beautiful location of your home.

1. Cocktail Pool

If you are planning a relaxation space in the backyard of your home but the issue is that you are having only a small space then the cocktail pool is the perfect option for you. The cocktail is one of the most trending swimming pool designs. These pools have several names based on their usage; the main two names are “compact pool” and “spool”. It is named compact for its size. It is generally less than 400 sq ft or in other words, it can be 10 – 16 ft long and 6 to 8 ft wide. And it is known as a spool for its combination of spa and pool.

Most of the house owners with small and uneven-shaped backyards prefer cocktail pools because it is less expensive and more eco-friendly as compared to full-sized pools. You can also make your cocktail pool more luxurious by adding some spa, hot tub, and water features to it. These pools can be constructed using different materials such as concrete, fiberglass, cedar, copper, and vinyl liner. And the cost of different pools may have different ranges.

2. Double the Fun with Unified Spa

The next best idea for your pool is to integrate the hot tub with the swimming pool so you can experience the two temperatures in the same place. Integrating of spa with the pool is an idea that has been considered long ago as an essential feature. And now many people are choosing spas that are unified in pool structure. The pool and spa appear to be part of one cohesive body of water thereby creating a seamless look, but are separated by a dam wall to prevent the cold water of the pool from getting mixed with the hot spa.

3. Pool Water Curtain and Waterfall

One of the main water features in pools is a water curtain which is also known as rain descents. A rain Curtain is a line of falling water that enhances the beauty of your pool. It not only make your pool visually more ravishing but also the sound of dripping water calms the surrounding noise and magnifies the calmness of your backyard pool area. It allows you to build your oasis and create a tropical feel where you can relax. The ideas of water curtains or waterfalls are apt for both large and small pools.

4. Sun Shelves

It’s a long, flat ledge just below the surface of the water and it is mainly in the shallow end of the pools where people can lounge and tan in the sun while still is in the water. It is one of the most trending and popular pool features. A few years back it is mainly used in big hotels and resorts, but nowadays it became more popular for pools in the backyards.

The sun shelf is also known as Baja shelf, tanning shelf, or tanning ledge. As mentioned before it is a flat surface in the shallow end of the pool, so the little kids, pets, and also differently-abled persons can enjoy the pool while sitting on the sun shelf.

5. Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are also known as infinity-edge pools or zero-edge pools. Its uppermost water level should be at the same level of the edges with no boundaries and visually it appears as if the edge of the pool merging with the sea or sky or other beautiful natural landscapes. It is mainly used in celebrity backyards, hotels, and resorts, but nowadays it is used in many houses with backyards having beautiful landscape views. It helps to enhance the beautiful view of the landscape or seascape near your space.

6. Atypical Pools

These are the pools that don’t have a particular shape or structure. It will have a unique shape and dimensions. If a house owner wants a swimming pool, they usually think about a round or a rectangular swimming pool, but what if they don’t have enough space for a standard type of swimming pool. But they still can fulfill their dream of a swimming pool if the shape of the swimming pool is customized based on the shape of their area and dimensions. These types of customized pools not only help with irregular-shaped backyards but also create stunning and eye-catching pools that will become the main focus of your exterior space.

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