There are times when the pool shows you some signs that it is time for renovation. If you delay the process of renovation or postponed it for some other time, the situation of the pool becomes worse, which in turn increases the renovation cost. Also, the renovation of the pool is mainly done in winters when the demand for the pool is less. So following are some of the criteria that will help you to decide the necessity of pool refurbishment.

  1. Cracks or Damage in Plaster or Tiles                                                                                                                                      If your pool is made up of concrete then it has a layer of plaster that gives protection to concrete from damage. But this plaster also doesn’t have long, it can get damaged due to ph level of water or exposure to sunlight, etc. If you find cracks in plaster, then it is a sign of renovation.
  1.   Checking the tiles of Pool                                                                                                                                                      One of the important steps is to check the tiles in the pool because sometimes tiles may have cracks or may fall off due to severe weather. The cracked or broken tiles will lead to the creation of spoilage in the pool, which can have bad effects on swimmers in the pool. Also, the cracks in tiles can cause injuries too.                                                           There is a simple test for tiles known as the tap test, it is done to check whether the tile requires renovation or not. It is done by professionals also. In this test, tile is tapped with a wooden handle and if a void sound is heard then it means the tile is not secure and may fall out because of damage inside the tiles. 
  1.   Outdated Pool Design or Change in Needs                                                                                                                        A few years back when you have decided to build your pool, you may have planned to install a large pool. But now the trends in pools are changing and you may need a small pool or another shape for your pool. Contrarily, if your old pool is small and now you need the big pool to make room for your growing family. It’s time to renovate your swimming pool based on your needs
  1.   Growing utility cost                                                                                                                                                               If your pool consumes more energy or your utility bill is high, then it means that the equipment is not energy efficient. As the pool equipment gets aged it will become less efficient, consumes more energy and the power bill will be high. A pool with an outdated heater will take more time to heat pool water and an old filtration system will not clean the water properly. So the swimming pool with outdated types of equipment needs to be upgraded
  1.    Drop-in water level of the pool                                                                                                                                            If the water level of the pool is dropping, then it can be due to evaporation or some kind of leakage. If you have to refill the water in the pool more often then it will be surely the case of leakage in the pool. To solve this issue, detect the leak in pipes, drain systems, or tiles. And if there is one, need to find out the immediate solution to seal the leaks.

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